Studio Photos

Studio Photos

La Planque is a contemporary photography and video studio in Montreal available for rent for a variety of audio-visual productions on a daily (or half-day, we won't judge) basis. 

Bright Natural Light 

The studio is equipped with 2 large south-west facing windows offering bright natural light on an 18 foot wide cyclorama

Or None At All

Our diffusion and blackout curtains help soften and control natural light 

Full Sun, No Diffusion 

Full Sun Diffused 

Half Blackout 


Flat Corner

While shooting on a white cyclo is the gold standard of studio photography, sometimes you just need to channel your inner Robin Thicke and get close to the background for punchy, fun and provocative shots. We've got you covered.

Full Kitchen 

Whether you are shooting the next Bon Appetit cover, want to feed a hungry crew or just take little break, our kitchen is stocked with everything you need to cook up a storm or simply make coffee for your team and clients. 

Multipurpose Room

Located on our mezzanine, this 400SF Room is perfect for Craft, Styling, Extra Makeup stations or even to use as a  quiet lounge/workspace for your clients, with a good view on the action.

Wi-Fi and more

Rentals include wi-fi access, makeup station, rolling racks (2x), steamer, Sonos sound system, bathroom (just outside the studio) and free parking. 

Changing Room 


Makeup Corner

Using Format